Unit Elections

New online Unit election forms available!!

Beginning about December 1, units may make reservations for an election team to visit and conduct an election. Troops and teams may elect candidates to the Order of the Arrow between January 1 and March 31.   Please contact your Chapter representatives at District Roundtables to schedule elections. The election process will take about 15 minutes and a VCR is used to make a portion of the presentation.

The Order of the Arrow is the Honor Camping Society and Service branch of Boy Scouting. When preparing your list of eligible candidates, please use the following criteria as set by the latest edition of the Order of the Arrow Handbook:

The youth candidate is elected by his peers. On the night of the Order of the Arrow election, at least 50% of the active registered membership of the unit must be present. Voting members may vote for any or all names approved by the unit leader. Any name which appears on 50% or more of the cast ballots becomes an Order of the Arrow candidate.

Any unit which elects youth members to the Order of the Arrow may submit an adult name for consideration. The adult must be a registered, active member of the unit. He or she must meet the same camping requirements as the youth candidates. The adult candidate must show a willingness to give unselfish and wholehearted service to others at all times, and demonstrate to be a tangible asset to the Order of the Arrow. Selection of adult members will be conducted by the unit committee.

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