National Order of the Arrow Conference

The 2004 National Order of the Arrow Conference was held July 31 through August 5, 2004 at Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa. Papago Lodge sent a contingent consisting of at least 8 youth and 3 adults  Three other lodge members also attended NOAC as members of staff.  Lodge Chief Will Taylor and Adviser Mike George attended the first ever National Meeting of Chiefs at the 2004 NOAC.  Papago's web site was rated one of the top 40 lodge web sites in the country.  Two Papago youth attendees were Trainer certified.  In addition to all of the quality training and entertaining shows, the activity most often participated in by all was most definitely patch trading.  As usual, fellowship was in abundance, too at this national gathering.

2004 Papago NOAC Participants:

Chairman Will Taylor

Alex Babis
Trevor Box
Jeff Daniel
Nikolai Daniel
Joseph McConnell
Steven Rider, Jr.
Adults Jeff Babis
Mike George
Claude LeClaire
Pete playing Basketball at N.O.A.C.
2005 Chairman Alex Babis
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