Lodge Officers
Adult Advisor
Supreme Chief of the Fire
  • Scout Executive
  • Ken Tucker
    Deputy Supreme Chief of the Fire
  • Lodge Staff Advisor
  • Justin Rice
    Chief of the Fire
  • Lodge Advisor
  • Al Cooper
         Immediate Past Chief
    Ted H.
         Lodge Associate Adviser
    Ken Robinson
    Unknown / Unverified
         Lodge Associate Advisor
    Mike Kidder
    Unknown / Unverified
         Lodge Chief
    James S.
         Vice Chief of Activities
    Andrew F.
    Richie Benner
    Unknown / Unverified
         Vice Chief of Inductions
    Vianney C.
    Ken Robinson
    Unknown / Unverified
         Vice Chief of Ordeals
    Alex D.
    Unknown / Unverified
    Rick Hesse
    Unknown / Unverified
    Ty S .
    Gary Hayashi
    Troy A.
    John Hogan
    Chapter Officers
         Oraibi Chapter Chief
    Adam C.
    Al Cooper
    Unknown / Unverified
         Oraibi Vice Chief
    Schuyler W.
         Oraibi Secretary / Treasurer
    Schuyler W.
    Unknown / Unverified
         Talala Chapter Chief
    Ty S.
    Jerry Schneider
         Talala Vice Chief
    Ty S.
    Michael J.
         Talala Secretary / Treasurer
         Santa Cruz Chapter Chief
    Jacob M.
    Unknown / Unverified
    Unknown / Unverified
         Santa Cruz Vice Chief
    Unknown / Unverified
         Santa Cruz Secretary / Treasurer
    Unknown / Unverified
         Victorio Chapter Chief
    Stephen S.
         Victorio Vice Chief
         Victorio Secretary / Treasurer
    Doug P.
    Annual Banquet
    Chairman : Unknown / Unverified Advisor:  Unknown / Unverified
    The banquet committee plans and carries out the annual Lodge Banquet which is traditionally held in August of each year.  During the banquet, the newly elected Lodge Officers are sworn in, the Vigil Honor Nominations are announced and the Founder's Awards are presented.
    Arrow of Light Cross-Over
    Chairman : Unknown / Unverified Advisor:  Unknown / Unverified
    This committee performs Arrow of Light Ceremonies for the Cub Scout Packs in each District. Members of these chapter level ceremony teams dress in indian outfits and perform one of several scripts when requested to do so by individual Packs.
    Chairman : Schuyler W. Advisor: Mike George Unknown / Unverified
    The ceremonies committee has traditionally been organized with at least one ceremony team for each chapter.  Team members perform pre-ordeal, ordeal and brotherhood ceremonies during the induction weekends.  Three induction weekends are held each year, one in the Spring, one in the Fall, and one in early December.  Additionally, team members assist with the brotherhood ceremonies which are held each Thursday evening at Summer Camp
    Chairman :  Unknown / Unverified Advisor:  Unknown / Unverified
    The communications committee is responsible for insuring that all members of the Lodge are informed about all upcoming events
    Chairman :  Unknown / Unverified Advisor:Unknown / Unverified
    Each year, on the Veterans Day weekend, the three Lodges which make up the W4C Section hold a three day conclave.  The conclave consists of leadership and crafts classes on Saturday morning, sports, ceremony and dance competitions on Saturday afternoon, and fellowship and patch trading the entire weekend.  On Sunday morning, elections are held to choose the Section officers for the following year.   The site of the conclave alternates between the home cities of the three Lodges of the Section (Tucson, Phoenix and Las Vegas).
    Dance / Drum
    Chairman : Unknown / Unverified Advisor:Unknown / Unverified
    The Dance / Drum committee is responsible for individual dancers as well as the Lodge Dance Team.  Additionally, the committee is responsible for the Drum at dance competitions and exhibitions.
    Chairman : Unknown / Unverified Advisor:  Unknown / Unverified
    The Elangomat committee is responsible to insure that well trained Elangomats are available for each induction weekend .
    Chairman : Unknown / Unverified Advisor:Unknown / Unverified
    Several times a year, non-service fellowship weekends are held in which crafts are taught, indian outfits are constructed and many patches are traded.  The Fellowship committee is responsible to see that these weekends are well planned.
    Chairman : Unknown / Unverified Advisor:  Unknown / Unverified
    The Historians are responsible for keeping a written and photographic history of the Lodge.  Lodge History competitions are held at each conclave as well as at N.O.A.C. and the Historians are responsible for making the history display for each of these competitions.
    Hohogram / Frontiersman
    Chairman : Unknown / Unverified Advisor:  Unknown / Unverified
    The Hohogram / Frontiersman committee is responsible for writing and insuring a timely delivery of articles and calendars for insertion in the Lodge Newsletter and the Council Newsletter.
    Lodge Rules Ad Hoc
    Chairman: Sam B Unknown / Unverified Advisor:  Unknown / Unverified
    Indian Affairs
    Chairman : Adam C. Advisor: Ed Deluna Unknown / Unverified
    The Indian Affairs committee insures that the indian outfits used by the Lodge members are authentic, yet do not offend the local Native Indian American Tribes.  Additionally, this committee is responsible for construction of the Indian Village at the Youth Expo and Conclave.
    Mentoring Program
    Chairman : Unknown / Unverified Advisor:  Unknown / Unverified
    The Mentoring Program Committee coordinates the Lodge's participation in the Order of Arrow Scoutreach Mentoring Program.  The purpose of this program is to identify and assist urban and rural Scout troops whose camping and advancement programs are below standard. Participation in this committee as a Mentor requires an application and approval by the Lodge Chief, Lodge Adviser and one of the Council executives.
    Chairman :  Unknown / Unverified Advisor:  Unknown / Unverified
    The National Order of the Arrow Conference is a five day event held every other year at a large midwestern college campus.  The 2004 conference was held at Iowa State University while the 2006 conference will be held at Michigan State University in Lansing Michigan.  The N.O.A.C. committee is made up of those arrowmen who have paid a deposit to attend the conference.  This committee usually forms in January following the previous conference and continues until the completion of the next conference.  The National Conference consists of leadership, ceremony, and craft classes each morning. Sports, ceremony and dance competions are held each afternoon and theme shows round-out each evening.  The last day of the conference consists of a parade followed by Lodge sports competitions and a Fair displaying a booth constructed by each Lodge.
    Chairman : Alex D. Advisor:  Unknown / Unverified
    The Ordeal committee is responsible for conducting each of the three induction weekends.  They coordinate the efforts of the Ceremonies, Elangomat, Fellowship and Cooking committees as well as prepare the facilities for the Ordeals.
    Ordeal Cooking
    Chairman : Unknown / Unverified Advisor:  Unknown / Unverified
    The Ordeal Cooking committee plans the menu, buys the food, and cooks the meals for both the candidates and the arrowmen attending each Ordeal.
    Chairman : Lindsey C. Advisor: Mike Gasker Unknown / Unverified
    Standard Operating Procedures
    Chairman : Unknown / Unverified Advisor:  Unknown / Unverified
    The S.O.P. committee is responsible for documenting operating procedures for all Lodge functions.  After each activity, each committee involved is debriefed and the problems, successes and opportunities are documented to insure that the event will function smoothly the next time it occurs.   The documentation of the S.O.P. committee is used by the committee chairmen as a blueprint and outline for organizing his event.
    Trading Post
    Chairman : Unknown / Unverified Advisor: Doug Rivard Unknown / Unverified
    Chairman : Advisor: Claude LeCaire
    The Trails committee is responsible for organizing Lodge Service Projects on local hiking trails.  Additionally, this committee is responsible for overseeing the Catalina Council Trails Awards.
    Chairman : Unknown / Unverified Advisor:  Unknown / Unverified
    The Training Committee is responsible for conducting leadership training sessions for arrowmen in leadership positions.  It also insures that training classes held at the Fellowships are taught by qualified Trainers.
    Unit Elections
    Chairman :  Ty S. Advisor:  Unknown / Unverified
    The Unit Elections committee has traditionally been organized with at least one unit election team for each chapter.  Teams conduct the election of new members at all Scouting units of their District during the election season, which is normally January 2nd through the end of March.  During the election process, the team will show the election video to the Scout in the Unit, explain the process, answer any questions, conduct the vote,count the ballots and fill in the elections report.
    Vigil / Founder's
    Chairman: Josh M. Unknown / Unverified Advisor: Mike Kidder Unknown / Unverified
    The Vigil and Founder's Committees meet in the months after the Spring Ordeal, after the Vigil and Founder's nominations have been received.   They decide upon the most deserving arrowmen for the Vigil honor and the Founder's award.  The Award nominations are announced at the Annual Banquet.
    Chairman : Ty S. Advisor: Michael Martin
    The Webmaster and his committee are responsible for maintaining the Lodge Website.
    Where to Go Camping
    Chairman : Stephen S. Advisor:  Unknown / Unverified
    The Where to Go Camping Book Committee (Camping Promotions) accepts input from all Scouts and Scouters in the Council and inserts those Camping suggestions into the Lodge's "Where to Go Camping Book" which is available for sale at the Council Store.
    Youth Expo
    Chairman : Unknown / Unverified Advisor: Unknown / Unverified
    The Youth Expo committee plans and designs the Lodge sponsored Camping Promotion booth at the Youth Expo.  In addition, they assist the Indian Affairs committee in assembling and maintaining the Indian Affairs display at the Expo.


    Blank spot means Chairman and Committee Members needed.
    All Committees need youth members to help operate. All Committees will meet at The Lodge Executive Meeting, the Third Wednesday of Each Month, 7pm at Service Center.

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